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 How A Meat And Potatoes Guy Lost 50 LBS in 5 Months

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Every year 150 million Americans try it, they spend $42 billion to pursue it and less than 30% succeed at it!1 Weight loss is the obsession of the masses, but few lose anything more than patience and dollars in the long run The reality is that anyone can do it, if they cut through the hype and focus on the realities of the weight loss process. There is no magic pill! Permanent lifestyle change is the key and though it sounds challenging, it can actually be very doable and even fun.  

Eat Slow Walk Fast! is a light-hearted first person account of how a meat and potatoes, semi-lazy-kind-of-guy who made all the classic mistakes in the game of weight loss, finally scored a 50 pound (plus) victory over the course of five months. It’s an entertaining and fresh new approach to the challenge of weight loss that steers clear of text book drudgery, get-skinny-quick schemes or miraculous new diets.

Here is an excerpt so you can get a taste of what is all about:
Today is another travel day, as I’m returning home from Orlando. I’m up early and my stomach is rumbling big time. The hotel offers a breakfast buffet which is very tempting, especially with the delicious aromas wafting down the hallways. I can feel my feet trying to lead me in the direction of the dining area and since I have a coupon for a complimentary breakfast, the temptation is even greater. I mean, there is almost nothing better than a buffet breakfast for an M&P kind of guy and when you throw in the fact that this one is free… well suffice it to say, the attraction is almost too much bear and I come close to giving in. In fact, it takes a superhuman amount of willpower to avoid it!

Trying to put as much distance between me and the food as possible, I quickly rush to the lobby where I can grab a shuttle to the airport that will get me away from this overwhelming temptation. My stomach begins to throw a temper tantrum at what it considers sacrilege – skipping out on a mouthwatering abundance of savory food choices and free at that – free food, free food, free food. But I gotta do what I gotta do!

My stomach then tries a new tactic to convince my brain that it’s an idiot, it sends out slight tremors of pain. Not cramps or nausea, but rather uncomfortable sensations that imply that an empty stomach is the first step towards death.

It’s tough to hold my ground against the enemy from within my mid-section, but I have to remember this is all new and somewhat distressing for the gastrointestinal components of my body and it’s only natural that it would rebel. It’s kind of like putting a kid on restriction; there are going to be some difficult situations that have to be dealt with.

So I deal with it using a basic human survival tool – I run! In this case, I run to the airport shuttle get on board and silently urge it to depart as quickly as possible in order to deliver me from the evil clutches of the hot breakfast buffet. But no, there is a delay. A guest who made a shuttle reservation hasn’t made it down for her room yet. The driver apologizes and says it should only be another minute or so and we should still arrive at the airport on time.

Are you kidding me??? Who cares about some slack hotel guest who overslept or is too consumed with her hair and makeup! I need a fast escape and right now. I desperately need to get away from the breakfast buffet taking place a scant hundred feet or so away. My whole body is ready to convulse because it knows there is plenty of yummy, free food calling my name. Focus, Focus, food is bad…oh give me a break, who am I fooling. I close my eyes, clench my teeth and try to think of something else, while violently tapping my feet in an effort to think of something, anything, besides eating.

Finally the idiot woman who has made my life so miserable for what seems like an eternity comes strolling out of the lobby with a gazillion suitcases in tow, briskly instructing the driver on how to load her precious cargo. I feel the urge to throttle her!

Thankfully the shuttle finally pulls out of the hotel parking lot. Unfortunately, it’s only a temporary reprieve, because guess what the airport is full of? You got it, more food opportunities.
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Award-winning Author and International Speaker Jimmy Lamb, has spent years writing about his business pursuits, having published hundreds of articles in magazines and media outlets around the world.  In addition, he makes 80 plus appearances per yer domestically and internationally, where he is ranked as one of the most influential people in his industry.  Having successfully lost 70 pounds and then keeping it off for over five years compelled him to write Eat Slow Walk Fast to share his successes with others who are battling excess pounds and declining health.  Feel free to contact him at