Long Term Weight Loss

Yes, it is possible lose weight and keep it off.  They key is to engage in a program that you can maintain forever.  You do NOT want to go with a short term diet, pills, supplements, etc unless you are willing to do it for life.  

Here is a look at the lifestyles of those who have lost and kept off the weight :

  • Track their food intake
  • Count calories or fat grams
  • Follow a low calorie, low fat diet regimen
  • Take in 1800 calories per day with less than 30% of calories coming from fat
  • Eat breakfast regularly
  • Limit the amount they eat out - typically no more than three times per week
  • Avoid fast food restaurants - no more than once per week
  • Eat similar foods regularly and don't splurge on holidays and special occasions
  • Walk about an hour per day OR burn the same calories with other activities
  • Weigh themselves once per week
  • Watch less than 10 hours of TV per week
*Data collected from the National Weight Control Registry in a survey of 3000 members who have been in the registry for 10 years.  Information was presented in a USA Today article written by Nancy Hellmich

This was really enlightening to me when I first read it, as it pretty much describes what I do.  Having lost and kept off 70 pounds for several years, I think I am qualified to say THIS WORKS!

If the list looks intimidating in regards to lifestyle change, don't let it be.  There is no need to make too many drastic changes too quickly.  Start slowly and work towards realistic goals that you can maintain forever.