Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Diet Soda: No Calories - Plenty Of Pounds

Making the right dietary choices for losing weight can be challenging.  It's been drilled into your head that you need to run away from calories, thus something that is advertised as ZERO CALORIES should be the perfect choice for watching your weight, right?  Well, if you are talking about water you are on the right track, but when it comes to Diet Soda, watch out!
In a study reported by the journal of Microbiology and Ecology, it was shown that people who drank one or more diet sodas a day have a five-time increase in waist circumference in 10 years compared with those who drank none.  Hmmmm... makes me want to pour out the Diet Coke sitting in front of me!
According to one specialist, our bodies use taste to figure out how many calories we have to deal with.  Disrupting that data confuses the body.  Sweet tastes tend to be caloric, which will tell the body to increase its metabolism in order to burn it off.  But if a sweet taste comes in and there is nothing to burn, then the body learns not to worry about compensating.
This in turn can lead to the body feeling like it needs more food, and thus the individual may have a tendency to eat more when drinking a diet soda which offsets the lower calories from the drink.  Bottom line, you could gain more pounds long term, because you ate more chips with that diet soda.
Plus, for many people there is the illusion that the Diet Soda is so helpful that they don't have to worry about counting calories so much.  After all, a Diet Coke and a snickers bar do go really well together!
But just to show you how there are so many different viewpoints on all the effects of diet sodas, another study from Harvard University revealed that participants who drank a diet soda per day cut daily intake by 100 calories and lost weight over three years. 
Confused yet?
So the thing to take with you is an understanding that Diet Soda alone is not going to magically make you lose weight.  You must always look at the "big picture" and ask if it is a productive and useful tool that fits into your overall plan. 
Not sure how it really factors in?  Then just drink water and don't worry about it.


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