Sunday, March 31, 2013

How Is That New Year's Resolution For Losing Weight Going?

It's been three months since you made that New Year's resolution to lose's it going?  Hopefully you are not part of the vast majority of people who fail at achieving their resolutions, but sadly with a statistic that high, its very probable you are.  According to Forbes only 8% of those who actually make a resolution are able to succeed at it.  The reality for most is that we bit off more than we could chew and simply gave up after a short period of time. 
Such is the way with weight loss in general.  Most of us want to lose some large sum of poundage quickly and with minimal effort.  Despite people like myself who encourage others to focus on small reductions over a longer period of time by engaging in lasting lifestyle change, the masses instead look for some miracle pill, jump on the next fad diet or buy that cool piece of equipment that looks like you can burn pounds while standing still.
So if you failed in keeping your New Year's resolution to lose weight, now is a good time to look back and ask "why?"  But don't start over - start anew! 
Take a closer look at proven practices for long-term successful weight loss  The Cleveland Clinic offers some simple tips for making it happen.  And there are plenty of people like myself who are always interested in sharing with others what we did to lose those pounds, and keep them off.  70 pounds gone for over 5 years for me.  I'm not bragging just trying to inspire.  It can be done!  And I didn't do anything that was all that hard.
Take a look at my methods here on my website, then search out others with similar stories.  Stay away from people promoting a product, because you can lose weight without investing a lot of money.
Good Luck - and remember that bathing suit weather is around the corner... but don't let that worry you - focus on long term results, not short term "shots in the dark!"