Sunday, December 30, 2012

If You Want To Lose Weight DON'T Make A Resolution!

Its that time of year again, when people starting coming up with resolutions for improving their life in the coming new year.  And what do you thing tops the list of New Year's Resolutions??? Lose Weight!  But if you really are serious about losing weight (this time) then the last thing you want to do is make a resolution to do so.  Why?  Because statistics show that only 8% of the people who make New Year's resolutions actually are successful in their efforts. 
I've seen it first hand.  Each year on New Year's Day, my favorite walking spot - The Loop at Wrightsville Beach, NC - is crowded with new faces, intent on making a positive change in the weight and fitness category of their life.  By March things are back to normal, as the glory and glitz of the New Year's resolution has worn off and the new faces go into hibernation until the next New Year rolls around and they try again.
The problem with New Year's resolutions is all the drama.  I listen to people throughout the month of December ranting and raving about how they are going to lose weight - next year - while stretched out on a couch stuffing their face with an inconceivable conglomeration of blood thickening, waist widening, junk.  In fact, many of them seem to increase the bad food intake, kind of like its a last hurrah before tackling the weight loss challenge.  Too bad, cause its only going to make the task that much harder.  
When I interject a question like "why wait until next year?" it opens a floodgate of excuses like: "I'm preparing myself mentally" or "the holidays are too busy".   Hmmmm.....  If you have to set a date to start, it really means one simple thing - you are putting it off.  And if you are putting it off, it means you aren't ready to tackle the task.  And when it comes to weight loss, most who start the task have no clue of what they are doing and what makes sense for them - and that is why they fail.
So how do you get started?  For one, don't make a silly resolution to lose weight.  That's kind of like saying I want to make a million bucks when you don't have a job.  Wanting is not going to get you there.  Research, planning and action will!  The weight loss world is full of myths and "lose quick plans" which are great for helping you lose your money real quick, but not necessarily any pounds.  One of my motto's is - it doesn't cost anything to lose weight!  There are plenty of paths to success without having to buy into any program or equipment, other than maybe some shoes...
The first and foremost rule of losing weight and keeping it off is: sustainable lifestyle change.  That means whatever method(s) you choose today, you want to make sure you can continue them forever! Weight loss is not a temporary thing.  It has no end.  Once you start you need to be able to stay the course forever.  If you don't the weight will come back.  So think long and hard about that concept before you start.
FACT - 150 million Americans try to lose weight each year and less than 30% succeed, in spite of investing over $42 billion.  Why do they fail? - Because they don't have a clue.
To help you join that elusive 30%, I will post a 5 part series on getting started losing weight, based on what I did which ultimately resulted in a 70 pound weight loss that I have kept off for over 5 years.  You can also read my e-book about the process if you want an in-depth look at what I did.  Either way, take the time to learn before jumping into an ill-conceived exercise plan or fad diet.