Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's Not What You Eat, But What's In It

I lost 70 pounds, have kept it off for 5 years and NEVER used a diet.  (No surgeries or drugs either, plus I don't do the gym routine.)  A big part of my success was eating slower so I could fill up quicker and paying attention to what was in my food, rather than giving up the stuff I liked.  Many times, we can simply modify the ingredients and still get great tasting food, but with far less calories.  Challenging when you go out to eat, because you lose control on the cooking, but very doable at home.
If you don't know who Rocco DiSpirito is, you need to drop everything you are doing right now and go meet him - at least online.  He is known for his excellent food recipes that deliver great taste, while not loaded up with calories, fat, and other icky stuff.  In a recent segment on Fox and Friends he shared some of his Italian creations that came in under 350 calories.
As an example, he talked about the meatballs his mother used to make that easily had 250 calories each.  He modified the ingredients and created a new version with every bit the same savory flavor, but only 45 calories each.  And, most important of all, his Mother said they were the best she ever had.
"Google" Rocco DiSpirito and check out all he has to offer in the fight against fat!

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