Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Share A Meal - Kill Some Calories

OK, so the picture is a bit scary and that is not exactly the method of sharing I have in mind... But in the real world, my wife and I do like to eat out a couple of times a week and its a well known fact that most restaurants focus on taste over health when it comes to creating their offerings.   However, you can't live your life locked away in your house eating rabbit food if you expect to be able to maintain a weight management program for the long term. 

I still eat most of what I want, but in much smaller portions than in the past, and a great technique for doing that successfully is sharing meals with someone else.  Now I don't mean ordering two meals and then eating off each others plates, I'm talking about splitting ONE meal between two people.

My wife and I do this every time we eat lunch out and many of our dinners as well.  It really cuts down on how much each of us eats, thereby reducing calories as well. (And saves some money too.)  One drawback is that some restaurants have anti-sharing policies, but most do not. 

Eating in smaller portions routinely has made our stomachs shrink, such that it seems quite normal to eat half of a half sub, rather than half of a whole sub - did you follow that math????  One of our favorite meals is the Baja Chicken Wrap at Tower 7 in Wrightsville Beach, NC.  We cut it in half and though it looks pretty small, when eaten slowly it fills us right up. 

Considering that just a few years ago I could have wolfed down the entire wrap by myself and still wanted more, I have definitely come a long way.  And its not nearly has hard as it seems.  The key is to eat extremely slowly and listen to your body.  When it starts to signal FULL, quite eating.  You can help this along by taking baby-sized bites and engaging your meal companion in plenty of conversation between each bite, so as to really stretch out the eating process.

The method works, but it will take some practice in the beginning, especially if you are one who tends to shovel the food in at the speed of light.  Been there done that, but no more and 70 pounds lighter as a result...

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