Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not Another Magic Pill For Weight Loss

The FDA has approved the drug Qsymia which supposedly helps patients lose weight by suppressing their appetite while giving them a feeling of fullness.  Reports say its expected to help obese individuals lose about 10% of their weight. 

Sadly, this will probably result in a large number of couch potatoes heading to their Physician to get a prescription, so they can go back home and continue their sedentary ways while believing that the weight will magically disappear without any effort on their part, other than swallowing it.  NOT!

Read the fine print from the drug manufacturer - when used with a diet and exercise plan.  So there!  My concern with any of these products is that the masses put all their faith in yet another drug, rather than focusing on the core element of weight loss - a balance between eating and activity. 

In addition, some Scientists have expressed safety concerns, as reported by Nancy Hellmich's article on 7/18/12 in USA Today ...anyone remember Fen Phen?????

The reality is that its a tool for people who are unwilling to take on the task of managing their food input on their own.  And on top of that, its only effective for up to a 10% drop in overall weight.  So for someone weighing in at 300 pounds (that was me) the most they could expect is 30 pounds, and that is only if they are on a realistic weight loss plan.  Of course, it would be hoped that with the right diet and exercise such an individual would lose more than just 10% - I lost 70 pounds without any drugs.

So hopefully this will be used in the right way, but I'm willing to bet money that the average user will treat it as a magic pill and "weight" for results that likely will never materialize.  I might sound pretty negative here, but I have seen too many people fail in the weight loss game because of their blind allegiance to a drug or surgical procedure. 

Yes I know people who have had gastric bypass and are now gaining the weight back slowly but surely because they refuse to adopt a meaningful lifestyle change that would ensure the weight stayed off.  In addition, I have a close friend who has gone through extreme weight swings depending on drugs to lose it, then gaining it all back and more after dropping the drug. Sadly, she has been enabled by Doctors and always manages to find someone who will prescribe what she wants when its time to drop some pounds again.

Reality check, most drugs aren't meant to be taken for a lifetime, thus if your weight loss is the result of a drug, what happens when you quit taking it?????

Do yourself a favor if you are anxious to lose weight - adopt a lifestyle change you can live with forever and get started today.  There is plenty of useful information on my website to help you with this endeavor.  And feel free to email me directly, as I will be glad to share what I have learned over the last six years - the time that I have managed to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF.

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