Monday, June 18, 2012

Why Can't I Lose Weight? - Part 5

Wrapping things up, the reason that so many people can't lose weight successfully is that they don't know how.  Too many visions of painful exercise and eating icky food abound in the world, driving those who seek to diminish their fat levels to turn to the marketers who offer get-skinny-quick schemes and promises of magical results with no effort.  Buyer beware!

Sorry, it's going to take some effort on your part, but when you approach it scientifically and methodically without taking on too much too soon, your chances are greatly improved.  And yes, it will take motivation on your part - weight loss doesn't happen by itself in the background.  So take baby-steps by adding a little bit more exercise each week while consuming a little bit less food each day. 

And focus on each new level of change as being permanent, meaning you won't be going back.  And its okay to stick with that level for awhile before pushing on to the next milestone.  Too much too soon can easily doom your efforts. If you get yourself in a position where you can't wait to "finish" so you can return to normal, you will be in trouble!  The goal is a lifestyle change you can live with forever.  Going back means getting fat!

Learn all you can about proper weight loss by doing some reading.  My goal through this website, my postings and the Eat Slow Walk Fast book is to provide weight loss education that is not product driven.  And mine is but one of hundreds of great sites that seek to provide information, tips and motivation for weight loss success.

As a quick reminder, I was a semi-lazy, meat and potatoes guy who figured out how to lose 50 pounds in five months, followed by another 20 pounds over an additional five months.  And I have kept that 70 pound total off my body for six years.  Statistically, I am a rare individual, but I attribute my efforts to the basic concept of lifestyle change which is summed up in four simple words: EAT SLOW WALK FAST.

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