Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So McDonalds Is Healthy...??

Interesting article by Lisa Abraham entitled McDonald's Chef Says It's All About Moderation is making the circuit of newspapers around the country.  As the title implies, the story revolves around Chef Daniel Coudreaut, the Senior Director of Culinary Innovation of McDonald's USA and his viewpoints of the food they serve.  Of course if you are one who easily falls prey to media hype, then you might scoff at any notion of the words healthy and McDonald's in the same sentence, paragraph or page for that matter... but Coudreaut sees it differently, and its worth reading his viewpoint, as I pretty much agree with him, at least about the choice and moderation part ...

"I don't see anything on the menu that's unhealthy" states Coudreaut.  And he goes on to point out that his own family eats at McDonald's at least once per week.  However, he also says that he feels a responsibility to guide their eating habits. "I control what goes into their mouths."

The problem with obesity in America is that we all need someone to blame for our own misdeeds.  Recently fast food, large soft drinks, sugar, etc have all become scapegoats for the every-increasing waistline of this country.  But really, its not the so much the food and lack of exercise, as it is our choices in what and how much we eat.  For the record, I eat at McDonald's occasionally - burgers and fries no less - but I know what the caloric value is and I eat in moderation.  In other words, I do just what Coudreaut does for his children - control what goes in my mouth.

So when making food choices, educate yourself and control your portion size as well as the content of what is passing through your lips.  You are in control, not the restaurants or food processors!

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  1. I believe in moderation and portion control, but wouldn't eat or recommend McDONALD to anyone because their food is 100% processed industrial food and it certainly can't do any good.