Thursday, May 17, 2012

Can Mexican Food Be Healthy?

I love Mexican food, yet so much of it is generally considered to be unhealthy and full of calories...or is it?  Managing your weight begins with controlling your food intake.  Most newbies to the weight-loss journey assume this is done through either starvation or deprivation (neither of which is sustainable).  In reality, its about making smart choices, such that you really don't have to give up the foods you like.

There are plenty of sites on the Internet that will give you good quality recipes for healthy versions of some of your favorite foods.  And healthy doesn't mean that all the taste and consistency have been removed!  Typically substitutions in ingredients have been made to bring down the calories and oust some of the other "bad" stuff, but amazingly that flavor is still there, many times accomplished just by adding in a creative combination of spices. lists 13 Mexican dishes with less than 300 calories so check it out and see what works for you.  Don't punish yourself by holding by eating stuff you don't like in order to shed a few pounds.  Just change your way of thinking/cooking and explore all the great low calorie options that will keep your stomach and body happy.

Oh yeah, and don't over eat, which you will be tempted to do as you discover great new healthy food options.

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