Thursday, May 10, 2012

Too Much Weight? - You Are What You Eat

The best weight loss stories (in my opinion) are the ones where ordinary people do it their way without anything extreme.  Lots of lessons that can be learned and applied to creating a program that works for YOU.

Lisa Jones of Wilmington, NC is a perfect example.  In a Star News article by Mike Voorheis, she is profiled for her 30 pound weight loss.  What I found particularly interesting was a comment by one of her fitness instructors: "...what your body looks like is 70 percent what you eat and only 30 percent how you exercise."  That was a turning point for Lisa, as she had been focused on exercise, but not food, and as a result had been unsuccessful losing weight...up till that crucial turning point.

It's a great weight loss story worth reading and illustrates the key theme I continuously try to drive home: weight management is all about lifestyle management, you have to balance what goes in with what goes out (via exercise) to be successful.

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