Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gastric Bypass Surgery - Is It Really A Magic Pill For Weight Loss?

I have a friend who underwent Gastric Bypass Surgery several years ago and successfully shed a huge amount of weight, as expected, during the first year following the procedure.  In the months that followed things begin to level off - again, as expected - and for awhile he was able to maintain that new level of reduced fat.  But then he begin to experience a small but consistent increase in pounds, until he has now reached a point where is looking into a different form of bariatric surgery - The Lap Band.  He is quick to defend his situation by claiming that the Gastric Bypass procedure didn't really work... right!

What didn't work was him following the post-surgery guidelines for keeping the weight off.  The reality is that he treated the whole thing as a "Magic Pill" meaning he was going to do as little as possible to support the process.  He still eats horribly and continues to shovel in as much food as he can, which is gradually stretching out his stomach, which in turn allows him to consume more food - you can see where that cycle is going.  And if you mention, that's like two 4 letter words joined at the hip.

Bottom line, this individual was given a second chance and blew it because he didn't want to change his bad habits and engage in a healthier lifestyle that would allow him to maintain his initial weight loss from the surgery.  Turns out this is not as uncommon as it might seem, as ABC News found out in a story they did on the subject of weight gain after gastric bypass surgery.

One of the things that I incorporated into my weight loss was the post-surgery lifestyle plan that goes with Bariatric Surgery.  Using the basis of that plan alone, without the surgery, helped me drop 70 pounds over 10 months or so with the first 50 in five months, something I covered in my book - Eat Slow Walk Fast.  And more importantly, I have kept it off for over five years.

I'm not a Doctor and am not handing out medical advice, but if you are considering the surgery, make sure you understand and can commit to the post-operative lifestyle plan.  And if you are 100% sure you can, then consider trying to adopt it before undergoing surgery (unless of course you are in a life-threatening situation) and see how much weight you can drop on your own.  Remember that the surgery is a tool to help jump start your efforts, but if you can't use it properly, you may just be wasting your time and money.  THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL!

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