Friday, April 6, 2012

Drunk Diet? Now Thats A New Twist

Diets come in all shapes and sizes, and I never cease to be amazed at the angles that pop up on a daily basis.  But this one really takes the cake... keg... The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds...Drunk, A Memoir By Luc Carl. 

(It sounds like a subject for my other website - The Ultimate Margarita)

The title certainly caught my eye, and a brief review suggests that there is a lot more to the book than a bunch of drinking stories.  Which is a good thing, cause I'm not quite sure where alcohol fits into the picture, unless you are in to "splurge and purge".  But really it seems like a fun read which is just the angle a lot of people need to get started down the weight loss path, the same approach I took with my book Eat Slow Walk Fast.

For the record, I lost 70 pounds without getting wasted, but I will say that I still drank what I wanted, when I wanted.  Yes, margaritas tend to be high in calories, but I can find ways to fit them in without going too crazy.  You certainly can't alter your lifestyle so drastically that you hate your life and that point seems to be made in the The Drunk Diet book as well.

Of course, that also is why I don't believe in diets, as they usually can't be sustained for any significant amount of time... such as THE REST OF YOR LIFE, because that is the only way you will manage your weight.

But what the heck, grab a cold beer and check out yet another angle for busting some pounds...

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