Saturday, March 17, 2012

What Is The #1 Single Source Of Calories?

"Sugar-sweetened beverages are the #1 single source of calories in the American diet and account for about half of all added sugars that people consume."  That statement from Rachel Johnson, a spokeswoman for the American Heart Association and a nutrition Professor at the University of Vermont should get your attention. 

And this is not limited to soft drinks which is usually the assumed culprit when all the finger pointing starts to happen.  Energy drinks, sports drinks, sweetened bottled waters, fruit drinks (not 100% fruit juice), coffee, sweetened tea and flavored milks are all included in the category of sugar-sweetened beverages.

The American Heart Association recommends  no more than 36 ounces or about 450 calories of sugary beverages per week... so what does that mean?  Let's put it into perspective.

Enjoy a cold, rich glass of chocolate milk as a late night pleasure - that's about 200 calories per cup (serving size).  Like to start each day with an invigorating espresso drink from your favorite coffee shop?  A Starbucks Caffe Mocha is 260 calories.

Prefer a sports drink after a workout?  An 8oz serving is 50-100 calories depending on the flavor.  Can you buy one that small???? 

Don't understand why you can't lose weight and/or keep it off?  The answers are in your face, or at least on the labels.  The key is moderation!  No need to give up what you love in order to rid yourself of those unwanted pounds, rather scale back in order to reduce your calorie intake.  It is the one of the keys to my success (70 pounds gone for ever 5 years) and it does work!

So... pay attention to what you are putting in your mouth!

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