Friday, March 2, 2012

Walk It Off Between Flights

I get so tired of hearing people complain about not having the time to exercise because of their hectic travel schedule.  I fly on business almost every week and have turned those trips into great calorie buring experiences.  As it turns out, most large airports offer up plenty of intense walking opportunities between (or prior to) flights.  Instead of sitting in an overly crowded waiting area, why not pound the pavement between concourses.

Today I am profiling the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, as I fly through there periodically, along with thousands of other people.  The layout is almost perfect for power walking, as most of the concourses are "beyond" security, so once you get through, there are no restrictions.  But even on the "street side" of security, there is a rather large shopping concourse, which means even if you are waiting on someone to arrive, you can still get some good foot action, with plenty of distractions to boot. (Some people need distraction so as to forget they are doing something healthy...)

If you are in the main terminal building, which houses concourses A, B, C, D you will find a nice wide open walkway that joins all of the individual terminal councourse.  (For the record there are two concourses for A and two for B.)  For those that are lazy or in a real hurry, there are moving sidewalks, but I avoid them at all costs - the more steps the better.

To get a good perspective on just how much walking you can do, it measures out to about to 5300 steps (down and back) to cover all the A and B concourses (on my pedometer), which with my stride equates to a little bit over two miles.

As another example, I covered the entire distance between Gate A12 and D6 (round trip) which worked out to 7100 steps, about 3.5 miles.

So there you have it - another opportunity to keep on track with your weight loss.  Don't look for excuses - find solutions.  There is nothing stopping you from exercising everyday, no matter where you are.

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