Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oops - Gained 10 Pounds Now What???

I know my body pretty well and can feel when a couple of pounds decide to crash my weight loss party and really don't need the scales to confirm it.  I'll be honest, in spite of my best efforts to keep those 70 pounds at bay, weight management is something that is always in flux, meaning that its natural to see some pounds come and go, with the operative part of success depending on the "GO" part.  Luckily for me, I decided in the beginning to go with a lifestyle change that I could sustain for the rest of my life, thus I don't worry too much when my weight swings up. 

Ok, so you might be thinking, that if my weight loss plan is so good, then why am I gaining weight??  Very simple, I slacked off a bit during the winter. In fact, I typically end up doing that every winter.  A little less exercise and a little more time in front of TV drinking margaritas.  Bottom line, more calories in and less out, which equals - FAT! 

I weigh myself every week and could see a slow trickle of increase over the past three months or so.  I would just sigh and say "when is it going to warm up outside" as most of my exercise is for outdoor activities, primarily power-walking.  I really wasn't too concerned as knocking off pounds isn't all that hard for me - at least not anymore.  But now that I have hit the 10 pound mark its time to put away the margarita machine and get focused on getting back into my normal routine. (Thankfully spring came early!!!!)

Let's see - 10 pounds - bet I can kill it in 5 weeks or less without doing anything crazy.  I will just simply ramp up the exercise and back off on the high calorie stuff so that I have a net positive burn every day. 

My whole point with this discussion is that choosing to establish and live by a weight loss program that you can easily sustain for life is the key to losing pounds and keeping them under control.  Yes, you will have some weight varations as well, but as long as you are in control and understand how to make adjustments in your dialy living, you will be fine.

The daily changes that I am going to make are fairly minor, nothing drastic, as my body seems to like that 70 pounds (lost) mark and I know what it takes get back there and stay there - which is actually my normal routine, I just let myself stray during the winter.

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