Sunday, February 5, 2012

Low Calorie Margaritas For The Big Game

Well its game day and Super Bowl Sunday ranks as the second highest calorie intake day of the year (In the U.S.) right behind Thanksgiving.  It's really amazing just how much impact the Super Bowl has on our social lives, as its become more about an excuse for over-indulgence than in celebrating the game itself. 

So how will you spend the big day?  Eating and/or drinking too much or watching everyone else do it, while miserably crunching on some carrots in a dark corner of the room?

Losing weight doesn't mean giving up everything you love to eat and drink, rather its all about modifying how much goes down your throat combined with modified versions that still have all the taste, but not all the calories.  

Take margaritas for example.  Definitely a weakness for me!  I don't drink to excess, but I do love a good margarita.  In fact, I sample and rank margaritas on my other blog -  As it turns out, the average margarita easily has 500 calories or more, so this becomes a serious fat building issue if you aren't careful.

For my part, I focus on balancing daily calorie intake with calorie burn, so I just have to walk a few extra miles every time I drink a margarita!  Or just quit drinking margaritas - NOT!  On the other hand, I can just make the majority of my margaritas at home - which gives me total control on the ingredients - and focus on creating great taste with less calories. 

If that sounds like you, checkout some healthy margaritas recipes and start drinking more with less.

And for those times when you want a great margarita on the road, just counter balance the calorie intake by more exercise or maybe just skip the food and stick with the drinks!  There you go, a margarita meal...  And drop in on for my latest reviews.  By the way, my rankings don't take calories into account!  You're on your own with that aspect...

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