Saturday, December 31, 2011

How Much Wine Is Too Much Wine?

Whether its a holiday get-together, a gourmet meal or a romantic dinner for two, wine adds a special flair to many of our special occasions.  But do you ever stop and ask the question "how much is too much?"  In terms of getting behind the wheel of a car, you hopefully pay close attention to your consumption, but what about the calories?

Wine is one of those things that fits the bill of a Calorie Terrorist, meaning that it quietly sneaks up on you and then BAM suddenly you have just downed 600 plus calories without even realizing it.  Liquids are notorious for that, as we tend to associate calories with solid foods since you can feel them piling up in your stomach.  But at the end of the day, it's what's INSIDE the food rather than the physical makeup of the food that creates weight problems.
Here are some general calorie values associated with wines:

8 oz Glass
Red Wine - 170 calories
Dry White Wine - 170 calories
Rose Wine - 180 calories
Sweet White Wine - 240 calories

If you want more specific information for calories in wine, click here.

The troublesome thing with wine, is that most bottles really don't give you much info in terms of caloric content, thus you don't really know what you are consuming.  At least with products like beer (50-200 calories in 16oz) you can find the info on the label.

Liquor is another product that will get you in trouble in terms of calories (and other things as well) as again its a lightweight liquid and the containers rarely tell you anything in terms of calories.  Considering that a typical shot runs 50-60 calories, that can add up quick, especially when you are mixing up concoctions that use high calorie accessories such a fruit juices and soft drinks.

So the next time you get ready to uncork that bottle of wine, remember that you may be opening yourself up to an excessive flow of calories.

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