Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weight Loss - 5 Simple Steps To Get Started

I read an article from Gregory Ramey, PhD who is a child psychologist about weight loss for kids.  I couldn't find an online version to point you towards, so I will just cover the high points, which really apply to everyone, not just children.  In the article, Dr. Ramey sets out these five key principles for weight management:
Weight Control Is About Self Control - Controlling one's weight is about exerting self control.  That means denying yourself something that feels good today for the benefits of looking better for tomorrow.  (BTW - I am more about modification than denial.)
Set Realistic Goals - The real purpose is to gradually change bad habits and focus on living a well-rounded healthy lifestyle rather than achieving a short-term weight loss. (1-2 pounds per week maximum!)

Clean House - It's just too tempting to have junk food in the cabinets and refrigerator.  Get rid of all that stuff!  (BTW - that means getting rid of it by throwing it out, not eating it all up!)

Increase Your Activity - Focus less attention on the numbers on a scale and more on developing healthy habits.  Find something physical that can be enjoyed on a regular basis.  Avoid the TV, computers, video games, etc.  (Of course, you can put a treadmill in front of your electronics and actually get a workout while playing.)

Make It A Family Affair - A child's weight management program, or even an adult's is likely to fail without family involvement and support.  Plus as a parent, you should be setting a good example for your kids - nothing like a fat Dad telling his kid to go run around the block five times...  better to lead the way.  Meals are really the toughest aspect of this category, as its nearly impossible to have one person eating healthy while everyone else around them is eating the same old, same old bad stuff.  (It's hard to switch to broccoli when everyone else is eating french fries - the smell alone is enough to put an end to the effort.)

Really in truly, successful weight loss is more about common sense than anything else.  Oh sure, its easier said than done, because you have to change years of bad habits and that is hard, but don't make things any more difficult than they are.  Focus on gradual changes to lifestyle.  Apply these 5 things and once they are routine, then add another layer of changes , and then another layer until you finally find yourself on the right path.

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