Monday, October 24, 2011

Set A New Personal Best Walking Record

My typical walk is 5 miles and I treat it as a competition - against myself.  I'm always striving to go just a little bit faster.  If speed is my goal, then why don't I run you might ask?  Too many knee surgeries sevearl years ago, which left very little cartilage in my right knee.  I actually can run without any problem, but on the advice of those in the Medical Profession, walking is less damaging to that remaining cartilage than running.  As one Orthopedic Surgeon once said "why would you want to run when walking has done so much for you?".

But don't confuse power walking with casual walking.  I move fast and it feels great!  It took a long time to go from 15 minutes of pure agony on a treadmill to 5 miles (or more when I have the time) of high speed, pain free fluid motion.

So today I did 5 miles of walking in 62 minutes!  My old record was 64 minutes.  And considering that I have just recovered from a fairly long bout of pneumonia (and I was still walking while sick, just not as fast and furious) that is pretty amazing in my book.  I'm not bragging, ok maybe I am, but my point is that I used to be a couch potato and now I'm completely reformed and loving every minute of it.

Successful weight loss is a long term investment and its tough to see where you might be when you are just starting out.  There is hope for everyone - I am proof of it.  So don't give up and don't expect any quick miracles, just set a course and stay on track.  One day you might just be able to pass me by on a power walk of your own - NOT!

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