Monday, November 21, 2011

Overeating - It's Not Just For Thanksgiving

A big part of of the weight problem can be attributed to overeating, something that is readily associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas.  In fact, for most of us it's considered acceptable and even mandatory that we throw out any reservations about how much we eat and what we eat during these traditional holiday celebrations.  But in our modern day world, overeating is not limited to seasonal binges, it happens everyday.  In fact, with our super-size culture most of us have any clue as to how much is too much. 

The reality of overeating, is that its not about eating huge amounts of food, it can be defined as eating more than your body needs to sustain itself.  Everyone needs a certain amount of calories to sustain their normal bodily activities on a daily basis.  Anything beyond that can generate unwanted pounds.  Thus, if you eat more than you need (calorie-wise) you are technically overeating.

If weight loss is on your mind, then you need to focus on what is contributing to yours and a great place to begin is to anaylze your eating habits.  I have posted plenty of information on this subject which can be found throughout this website and in my book.  I also came across an interesting blog post from someone else on this subject that is worthy of reading. 

From Feast To Fat: Living In A World Of Plenty gives a unique perspective on how bad our eating habits have become and who we might effect a change that will yield less intake and less pounds. 

I used to be a "shoveler" - speed eater - but have gradually changed my lfestyle to that of a slow speed racer, meaning he who eats the slowest wins.  Slow eating yields less food intake!  It takes time and effort to change your ways, so get started today.  Don't wait until New Year's to make a resolution, as by then you will probalby have gained more weight.

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