Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Learn More - Burn More

In case you haven't noticed, I'm all about walking.  That's not to say its the best exercise for weight loss -  I never claimed it was - but rather it's what works for me.  And that is one of the most important criteria when starting a weight loss program: choosing a form of fitness that's right for you and can be actively pursued forever.  Remember, successful weight loss is not a short term proposition!

But just burning calories may not be enough, as the body can do strange things when it comes to where it burns off the fat.  A common question when it comes to exercise is:  can I selectively lose weight from specific parts of the body? The answer is NO.  While you can tone up certain areas, where the fat is burned off  is really controlled by your body without any input from you.  For some of us, it comes away fairly evenly from top to bottom, with basic exercise while for others it burns away very disproportionally, which can be quite distressing.

If you fit that category, then you may need to consider working with a personal trainer who can help you focus on not only reaching your weight loss goals, but also on achieving the physical appearance that you desire.

In an article published in the Wilmington Star News, the author, Scott Perry of Real Results, Inc answers some important questions about exercise, muscle mass and weight loss.  It's worth a quick read, because it explains in fairly simple terms the relationships between all of the physical aspects going on behind the scenes in your body.

People wake up every day with the notion of losing weight, but without any clue as to how to do it and what path to take.  Most do it all wrong and end up frustrated with their efforts and soon quit.  You should approach the process with a plan based on doing research into methods, not products, for weight loss.  Before you take the first step or lift the first weight, learn everything you can about weight loss and the human body, then build a plan that fits your personality, with a firm understanding that what you start today you must be able to maintain forever.  Your weight loss is only as good as your plan, and that same plan (with evolutionary changes) it what will keep it from coming back.

Ignore the ads and the hype - focus on facts.  LEARN MORE - BURN MORE!

My website is full or weight loss resources and includes a synopsis of my plan (no products involved) which is fully detailed along with an accounting of my first five months, in my e-book.

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