Saturday, November 5, 2011

Did It Again - Beat My Old Walking Speed Record

                                                  I must be on a roll!  (Not something you technically want to happen when walking...) Just broke my walking speed record again.  Just the other day I did 5 miles in 62 minutes, and today I did the same course in 61 minutes.  I really can't tell what shaved off another minute on the time, which is actually pretty significant.  My top end speed doesn't feel any faster, so I am apparently getting up to full speed quicker. 

Is this an earth shattering moment?  For me yes, but for the rest of world - no.  It's just part of my reformed lifestyle to push the limits with my chosen form of exercise - walking.  It helps keep things fresh and interesting, which is important for staying on track.  The minute you get bored with your fitness plan, find something else quick or you may end up back on the couch.  So in addition to walking in interesting locations, I'm always trying to throw in another angle to keep myself moving and racing against myself is one of them.

Exercise doesn't have to be painful, uncomfortable, distasteful or boring - in fact it better not be - it just has to be something you can commit to and that yields some personal satisfaction in addition to the calorie burn.

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