Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Success Stories Prove It Is Possible To Maintain Weight Loss

I didn't need a research report to tell me what I already knew - it is possible to maintain your weight loss over an extended period of time.  But its always nice to see that there are plenty of others who are also beating the odds and defying the statistics about long term weight loss success.

USA Today ran an article about a study of successful dieters (I hate that term as it doesn't give you the real picture) who are members of the National Weight Control Registry.  In the analysis, researchers gathered data from 3000 members who have been in the registry for 10 years.   The participants had dropped an average of 69 pounds (each) and maintained a 52 pound weight loss at five years and a 51 pound loss at 10 years.  

What's really interesting to me is how close this is to my own situation.  I lost 70 pounds and now flirt with a 5 pound fluctuation each year.  I can burn it back off, but for some odd reason, my body seems to really like to park itself at the 65 pound lost mark.

In a sidebar, the article list lifestyle habits of those interviewed, which almost mirror my efforts.  Thus, if you are looking to lose weight and keep it off, you can use that information as a guideline for building your own program that is sustainable in the long term, provided you stick with it.

You don't need supplements, weird food, icky diets or painful workouts to lose weight, just a good set of parameters that you can merge into your current life and slowly replace bad habits with good ones that you can live with forever.

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