Sunday, October 23, 2011

Learn How To Lose Weight While Unlearning How To Gain It

Unlearning is just as important as learning when it comes to losing weight.  A bona-fide weight loss plan not only focuses on helping you to LEARN good healthy habits, it also has to deal with UNLEARNING bad ones.  And the unlearning is much harder than the learning, by far!  Imagine if you suddenly had to unlearn basic math or to read or to speak.  Those things have been ingrained in you over many years and so have bad habits in terms of health and fitness. 

Enter Drew Manning.  He is a Certified Personal Trainer and self-confessed fitness addict who has decided to gain 50-60 pounds over a six month period, then lose it over another six month period, all in full public view via the Internet.  In an interview on Good Morning America, he said he felt the experience would help him to better understand what someone who wants to lose weight has to go through, which in turn would help him be a better personal trainer.

On the surface it seems like a noble cause, and I am not here to malign him in anyway, but when I step back and look at what he is doing, I see the same Learning VS Unlearning issue that comes with weight loss, except in reverse.  Here is a guy who in his own words says: "I’ve always had a passion for fitness. My love of fitness began at an early age and through sports it became an addiction. Throughout college I gained more experience through not only sports, but college courses as well. This inspired me to become a certified personal trainer through NASM."  

In other words he has spent his whole life being healthy and fit, and now must temporarily learn how to go the other way in order to gain weight.  Luckily for him he doesn't need to unlearn the good habits, as he plans to go right back where he was.  So will he really find out what its like to have lived a life of fatness and then be tasked with losing it and keeping it off?????  I think not... as he doesn't have to unlearn a lifetime of bad habits to be successful with weight loss. 

But if his efforts help others be successful, then more power to him.  But for you as an individual, there are plenty of people like him or me who stand ready to help you learn good health and fitness habits, but its up to you to unlearn all those bad habits that got you there in the first place.  That is why I always say, whatever system you use to lose weight must be sustainable forever: Learning And Unlearning together in one package!

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