Monday, August 29, 2011

Turning Back Time

Everyday we get a little bit older (sigh) and so far no one other than Ponce de Leon has discovered the fountain of youth - and he didn't leave a map.  But though we can't stop the process, we can certainly challenge it.  

For many, that means spending thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery, hormone replacements, dietary supplements, etc, etc.  According to an article by David Crary of the Associated Press entitled Boomers Will Be Spending Billions To Counter Aging its expected that sales of anti-aging products and services will top $114 billion by 2015.

More and more we can see the advertising and hype ramping up as hordes of companies jump on the bandwagon to offer tools to battle the affects of aging.  But in reality, according to the National Institute on Aging, no treatments have been proven to slow or reverse the natural aging process, despite the claims and promises of various marketers.  Their advice for aging well: Eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and don't smoke.

Wow what a novel concept - who would have thought...

Anti-aging and weight loss sound amazingly similar.  Both are flooded with claims of magic pills and guaranteed products that promise amazing results. Both generate billions of dollars for those making the claims. Both leave the majority of clients with nothing more than an empty wallet.

Successful weight loss, just like successfully weathering the aging process, involves very simple, low cost processes that are available to everyone.  And its a LONG TERM effort, meaning that once you start it, it must be something you can do forever.  Be skeptical of anything that guarantees quick results with little effort - pills, berries, liquids, etc.  Stay away from fad diets that are short term efforts.  Avoid exercise programs that are painful, boring and distasteful.

You can read more on my website or in my e-book about the details of what has worked for me such that I have successfully lost 70 pounds and maintained it for 4 years now.  (Hint - it involves eating slow and walking fast...)  Not only do I feel younger, I also look younger than I am...

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