Friday, August 12, 2011

Exercise Myths Debunked

I came across some interesting exercise info in Popular Mechanics recently.  YES, Popular Mechanics.  Contributing Author Alex Hutchinson shared some information out of his book Cardio Or Weights? Fitness Myths, Training Truths and Other Surprising Discoveries From The Science Of Exercise.

Here is an excerpt:

Stretching Prepares Your Body For Exercise (True or False)
Stretching your body before exercise is a sacred ritual, but researchers have been finding that it actually slows you down.  Florida State researchers recently showed that stretching before a run makes you about 5 percent less efficient, meaning you have to burn more energy to run at the same pace.  Furthermore, there's insufficient scientific evidence that pre-exercise stretching reduces injury risk.

Pretty interesting stuff from Alex Hutchinson.  I haven't read the book yet, but it sounds like a good read and worthwhile for anyone engaged in a serious health and fitness regimen, as too many times we expend a lot of effort pursuing so-called "standards" that end up having little or no basis in science and at the end of the day, have little real benefit to our bodies.

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