Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Brush With Death While Walking

Walking is a key component of my weight loss and thus a significant part of my daily routine.  I enjoy getting out and taking in the surroundings, whether at home or traveling.  And even though a routine event for me, you never know what you will see or experience when walking. Yesterday was the perfect example.

Coming over the Banks Channel bridge in Wrightsville Beach, I noticed a collection of emergency vehicles parked at the public docks with lights flashing.  Down on the docks was a Coast Guard patrol boat surrounded by various officials - police, EMS, firefighters, etc.  My first thought was maybe some kid had gotten hurt jumping off the bridge (a definite no-no, but it they do it anyway).  After all, it was early on a bright sunny Monday and boat traffic was very light, so it didn't seem logical that there had been an on-water crash.

Upon closer observation I realized that someone was in the Coast Guard boat on their back, with feet sticking up over the gunwale.  It seemed to be a very awkward and uncomfortable position for someone who was injured and being treated.  Then the realization hit me - the victim was no longer of this earth!  Sadly that proved to be the case.  

Turns out it was a very bizarre set of circumstances that led to this man's death and you can read more details in an article from the Wilmington Star News if interested.

It just goes to show that you never know what you will see when you are a daily walker/runner/biker and it certainly keeps my exercise of choice from ever becoming dull and boring (not that I want to see bad things happen to anyone).  And of course staying on track means choosing exercise methods you can actually look forward to instead of hating with a passion.

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