Friday, July 15, 2011

Running - Pleasure Or Punishment

Hilarious read about Running, written by Mike Voorheis of the Star News in Wilmington, NC.  Whether you walk, jog or run, you gotta check it out.  Being that I am a walker, not a runner, I can relate to what he is saying.  Here is an excerpt: "Today, running is no longer essential to human survival.  It's not even a practical means of transportation.  It is merely a form of exercise - vomit-inducing, knee rattling, mind-defeating exercise."

I'm sure the runners our there may find this viewpoint to be less than amusing, but its still a good read.  The reality is that the author isn't slamming running, rather the is making jest of his attempts to keep up with the Wilmington Roadrunners, a local group that runs the hills in downtown Wilmington, NC.  Not terribly big those hills, but when you are running up them, they can seem somewhat daunting.

Anyway, great column from Mr. Voorheis and if you are a local looking for the same opportunity, check out the Wilmington Roadrunners.   BTW you don't have to run to get some exercise in historic Wilmington, you can certainly walk those same hills.  Been there done that!

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