Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Commercial Weight Loss Plans - Do They Work?

If you have read many of my postings or my book, you already know that I am not a fan of commercial weight loss plans and packaged food systems.  If you do manage to lose weight with one congratulation on your success! - but what are you going to do next?  Eat that same food for the rest of your life or hurriedly get off the plan and back into the real world?  

Typically a commercial (or fad) diet is a short term reaction to a long term problem, but if you can't sustain it forever, then you are probably going to gain back the weight within a couple of years max - and the stats prove it!

Consumer Reports has now jumped into the diet fray, conducting a review and issuing ratings for several well-known weight-loss (diet) products.  Rather than risk people yelling at me, I will defer to their findings which were the subject of an online article from Tara Parker-Pope, published via the NY Times News Service.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a weight-loss plan that works, don't assume that because a celebrity endorses a product that it is going to be the perfect solution for you!  People burn off pounds, not products.  You should focus on creating your own plan based on science and research into the facts, rather than falling prey to hype and marketing.  And ALWAYS remember that weight management is a long-term process not a quick solution.  Whatever you start, you need to be able to maintain until the day you are ready to get fat again.

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