Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Celeb Diets - Real Options Or Publicity Stunts?

Ridiculous!  That pretty much sums up the quirky diets of Celebrities that were profiled in an article in the Mirror. (They enlisted Dr. Carrie Ruxton, a nutritionist to provide real feedback on each of the plans.) 

Tell me which one of them can be sustained indefinitely in order to not only lose weight, but to keep it off as well?  You want to eat baby food like Jennifer Anniston?  Or how about lemon juice and laxatives as used by Beyonce.  

Whats the point of losing weight if you can't keep it off?  Most of these diets are nothing more than short-term, desperate measures for dropping off a few pounds and pretty much none of them have any long term strategy.  Oh wait a minute, there was a meal replacement strategy mentioned, one where real food was gradually substituted for the fake food once the target weight goal was reached.  Hmmm... let's think through that one... the stuff that supposedly generated the weight loss is replaced by the stuff that caused the weight gain - I wonder where that will lead.

What is with these people?  Why engage in such bizarre methods, when there are plenty of proven sensible methods to maintain weight control.  Or maybe its just another publicity stunt to stay in the headlines... 

Don't fall prey to their methods focus on smart weight loss methods, as evidenced by the one bright spot in the article - the sensible eaters plans - which are based on the proven concept of healthy eating balanced with daily exercise.  Duh... what a novel concept!

WEIGHT LOSS TIP - Pay attention to Dr. Carrie's comments in the article!

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