Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weight Loss Is Not A Gimmick - It's A Strategy

I came across an article today on Medicine.Net that reaffirms what I already know - you don't need a special diet to lose weight successfully, in fact if you can't sustain your methods you might as well not even start, as the weight will just come back when you finish the diet plan.  Without using names, lets just say that several well-known celebs have been in the spotlight for their "dramatic" weight loss, only to have the curtain closed on them when the pounds came back.  And in pretty much every case the reason the weight returned was that they had used a weight-loss program that they couldn't sustain forever.

I figured this out several years ago when I dropped 70 pounds and detailed it in my book.  No special (icky) diets or painful workouts for me, rather I focused on burning more calories than I consumed everyday.  Sure I altered how much I ate and to some degree, what I ate, but always with the concept that I could continue those efforts for the rest of my life.

The Medicine.Net article pretty much says the same thing. Weight loss is not a gimmick, its a strategy!  The world is full of products that claim outrageous results in terms of losing pounds and our society spends hundreds of millions of dollars on the stuff every year, with only a small minority of people actually losing weight from them, and even fewer keeping the weight off long term. Do yourself a favor, focus on developing  strategy that takes into account science, medicine, and sustainability and ignore all the hype and distractions from the Marketers.

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