Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Walking Off The Weight - It's All About The View

93 degrees, 30mph wind gusts, 186 feet up, and 1.25 miles from the nearest shore - you gotta love the center span of the Ravenel Bridge in Charleston, SC.  It ranks as one of my favorite walking spots and I hit it every time I am in the area.  

Today was interesting with the howling wind and thunderstorms on the horizon, but I really needed an energy burst and a five mile power walk is definitely the way to make it happen.  Not too many people due to the weather, but I loved every minute of it, especially the view. 

Even with threatening weather, the Charleston skyline was as beautiful a ever and I got the added bonus of a ship passing below my feet.  For sure, the Ravenel Bridge is a great experience and the kind of thing that makes exercise fun!  

If you are visiting the area, the Ravenel Bridge is the Hwy 17 connector between Mt. Pleasant and Charleston.  Parking and pedestrian access is available underneath the bridge on the Mt. Pleasant side at the Riverfront Park.

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