Thursday, June 2, 2011

Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend

Just finished a 4 mile walk at Memorial Park along the riverfront in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  I felt great and reached into my pocket to retrieve my trusty pedometer... but it wasn't there.  Panic began to set in!  I searched both pockets, but with running shorts there aren't many places to swallow up your stuff - the truth was staring me in the face - my pedometer was gone.  Nooooo I cried out, this must be a mistake.  I hightailed it over to my Jeep and searched around the seats, just in case it had fallen out before my walk, though deep inside I knew full well it had fallen out somewhere during my walk.

The realization hit me hard, like a baseball bat in the middle of my chest.  My pedometer is like an extra appendage to my body - it goes everywhere I do (except in water - learned that one the hard way).  I constantly check it, always gauging my progress towards my daily minimum goal of 5 miles (10,000 steps for me).

I know, I know, its not the pedometer that controls my weight loss, its the actions that are recorded by it.  But when its not there, I feel like I'm not on track with my calorie burn, so much so, that it puts me on edge and generates huge feelings of despair.  In fact, I'm having trouble breathing right now and am feeling like I can't go on without it....

Okay, I'm not really psychotic - just need to say my final goodbyes to my old friend, then head over to Dick's Sporting Goods to get a shiny new pedometer, one that's even better than the old one with more bells and whistles.  In fact, its about time I did get a new one - yeah - that old one was dragging me down, probably even holding me back.  What great luck that I finally  lost it!

Onward and upward - Don't Break Stride!

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