Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ben Does Life

If you are looking at inspirational stories on weight loss, take a look at Ben Davis.  I saw him this morning on Fox And Friends and took a look at his blog - Ben Does Life.  It's always great to see how an everyday guy took control of his life and turned it around for the better.  120 pounds lighter and still going strong! 

I guess my 70 pounds pales in comparison, but in reality we have a lot of similarities in the fact that both of us did the right thing with weight loss - a balance between calories in and calories burned.  If you are looking for the secret to weight loss - that's it, though its really no secret at all.  If you read very much of my material, you will see that basic premise repeated over and over again.  Ben apparently does the same thing on his site as well.

So if you are serious about losing weight, read the success stories from others who have already done it and stay away from bizarre theories and magic pill programs.  Anyone can be successful with the right approach - they key is creating a sustainable lifestyle that YOU can live with forever, not just till a few pounds drop by the wayside.

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