Friday, May 20, 2011

San Diego On Foot

I love San Diego and always look for a reason to head that way.  Just spent a couple of days working a Trade Show at their waterfront Convention Center and chose to stay in a downtown hotel that wasn't exactly close, but was still in a great section of town.  Though I had a rental car, I soon found that walking was the best way to get around the downtown area.

Specifically I was staying on the fringes of the historic Gas Lamp Quarter, which is an awesome place to eat, shop and socialize.  Every street has a decent sidewalk and because there are a lot of residential buildings in the area, the landscaping adds a nice pleasant feel when walking, especially early in the morning.  With nice breezes blowing in off the harbor, it was never stifling even when surrounded by large buildings.  

San Diego also has a decent public transportation system called the Trolley which is useful for going long distances like over to Old Town, but for the most part I found that the wait between trains was so long that I could go just about anywhere in the downtown sector faster on foot - and I did!  In fact, I managed to put in 5 miles plus everyday, which is critical, as that is my daily minimum goal for walking.

Whether you are on business or vacation, plan your trip so you can depend more walking than riding.  Not only do you get the great health benefits, but you will see a lot more of the area around you and experience a the place in a totally different way.

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