Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Denver Airport - Killing Time & Burning Calories

I used to hate a Red-eye flight - who can sleep crammed in between a mass of strangers?  But over the years I have figured out a way to make the best of it and today its not such a pain... except when the departure time is at 12:55am.  

Considering that most airports shut down all of the services and amenities (restaurants, stores, clubs, bars, etc) at 9pm, that can make for a painfully long wait when dealing with a flight that doesn't depart for almost three more hours.  And the Denver International Airport was no exception.

So I did what I normally do in an airport - walk - a lot.  And then walked some more.  For sure, the exercise is a good thing, but in the case of a red-eye flight, wearing yourself out has a lot of merit as well.

Terminal B of the Denver airport is just under 1/2 mile from one end to the other, thus its simple to track your efforts as you traverse back and forth.  And with the concourses being so wide, its easy to maintain forward momentum, even during the more crowded parts of the day.

Don't give in to the temptation to use the moving sidewalks, unless you are late for a flight!  Use every tool at your disposal for losing weight and maintaining that weight loss.  Success does not come in a pill!  It is the result of being vigilant everyday and routinely making choices in how to balance your caloric intake against your energy burn.  The Denver Airport is just one of hundreds of everyday activities that offer up calorie burning activities.  You don't have to go to a gym to burn off the pounds, just look at your surroundings and figure out how to put them to good use.

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