Friday, April 15, 2011

How To Lose Weight - A Cardiologist's Story

Interesting article out of the Chicago Tribune about a Cardiologist - Ann Davis - that took control of her weight issues and dropped 125 pounds.  Good for her - especially since she works in a field of medicine where weight management is a critical part of treatment and/or prevention for heart disease.  And nothing against Dr. Davis, but its kind of hard to take an overweight Physician, especially a Cardiologist, seriously when they tell you that you need to lose weight.

Looking at the big picture, she really accomplished several key things:
1. She lost 125 pounds, which certainly improved her health.
2. She can be a real inspiration to her patients through her weight loss success.
3. She fully understands what it takes to lose weight and keep it off, which enables her as a positive motivator.

In reading the article, written by Julie Deardorff, my only concern is the use of a personal trainer by Dr. Davis.  Nothing wrong with that by any means, but it raises the question (in my mind) of whether she will  be able to keep the weight off once she settles into a comfortable plateau where she will most likely quit using the personal trainer?  Plus, the concept of a Trainer can be a turn-off to a lot of those who aspire to lose weight.  

As I have said in my book and many times over in this blog, you have to commit to a lifestyle that you can sustain for the rest of your life to keep the weight off.  Though I am a proponent of simple, but effective techniques like power-walking, I know that each person is different and has to do what is right for them. However, on the flip side, many who have successfully lost weight gained it right back when they back away from the very techniques that made the pounds go away in the first place.  Mainly because those practices weren't sustainable in the long run.

BTW - I like her food concepts, as that is right on target with my eating practices, eat less and make better use of the calories you do consume.

Thanks for the article Julie and good luck to you Dr Davis.

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