Friday, April 29, 2011

Chicago O-Hare - Walking To The Extreme

So you may think I live in airports - and I guess there is some truth to that - but the reality is simply that I don't let work get in the way of maintaining my weight loss.  I've said it many times before: LOSING WEIGHT IS EASY - ITS THE LIFESTYLE CHANGE THAT WILL KILL YOU.  For real, if you can change your focus on how you manage your day-to-day life, most notably in regards to eating and exercising, ad stick with your commitments, you too can lose weight successfully.  And of course, it has to be a lifetime commitment you want to keep it off in the long term.  Thus, adopting strategies that can work virtually anywhere, anytime make the process much easier to deal with.

My job requires travel, thus my methods have to work on the road and because airports play a big part in my travel, I have learned to maximize their use.  Think about it, larger airports can be huge facilities with long straight stretches of wide open space - perfect for walking, except for the casual travelers who aimlessly wander around getting in everyone's way...

Chicago O'Hare is a prime example of a big airport. With multiple interconnected terminals, you can just about walk all day without backtracking.  Of course most people stick with one concourse which is fine, but if you want variety do some exploring.

On this particular day I arrived at the end of Terminal F and was departing from Terminal B, which provided an excellent opportunity, especially since I had plenty of time between flights.  Rather than taking the shuttle bus between the terminals, I chose to walk the underground connector.  And along that I route, I also avoided the escalators and moving sidewalks, just to maximize my efforts. (Of course you do have to watch out for the sweat factor - not good when you are on the way to a business meeting).  

Between the walk from Terminal F to Terminal B and then a double end-to-end walk of Terminal B I was able to rack up about 1.5 miles pretty quick.  For the record, Terminal B is just under 1/2 mile from one end to the other.

O'Hare has some interesting displays, so take note of the walls and ceiling as you walk, as it helps to break up the monotony.

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