Sunday, March 27, 2011

Minneapolis Airport - A Power Walkers Paradise

The Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport is another great spot for walking.  With the core terminals forming a large rectangle, it offers up a 1.4 mile circuit that is easy to navigate.  I've gone through this facility quite a few times and typically try to schedule my flights such that I have enough time to walk the airport at least once, but preferably twice.  (What else are you going to do - sit around and gain weight????)

Obviously, I am not the only one who has recognized what the Minneapolis Airport has to offer in the way of calorie burning activities.  The American Heart Association teamed up with the Airport several years ago to promote and encourage the walking benefits to airport travelers.  Going so far as to provide signage and mileage markers.  You can read more about that at Why Go Business.  

One word of caution about this Airport.  They have an awesome retail section with lots of stores and restaurants which can be quite distracting.   Walk first!

On this particular day, I arrived at the airport two hours early, quickly checked in and set off on my usual route, easily racking up 3 miles in about 45 minutes.  Nothing to it!

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