Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The HCG Diet - Are You Kidding Me?

Just tuned in to Good Morning America and saw a piece on the HCG Diet, which was billed as the latest "fad diet" sweeping the country.  The concept revolves around dropping calorie intake to 500 calories per day and taking injections of a pregnancy hormone, which is supposed to encourage the body to burn off fat instead of muscle.

Hmmm... are you kidding me?  Regardless of whether it works or whether its safe (I'll leave that to the Medical people) this looks like an insane approach to sensible weight loss.  Why?  One simple reason: its not sustainable in the long run!!! 

I heard one proponent talking about how the HCG system allows someone to re-train their body on how it handles food, so that in the long run, they will be able to sustain the weight loss.  Yeah right - they are using an injected drug to re-train their body... In reality, drugs trick the body into a different type of behavior until the drugs are discontinued, at that point the body typically goes back to its former behavior.

Tricks and fad diets are a waste.  They may achieve a quick weight loss, but rarely do they lead to sustained weight loss.  When you hear about people who tried everything, but were never successful with consistent weight loss, they are usually the ones who rushed through every new -fangled diet, gadget, and concept for losing weight, all of which were short term solutions.

The key to success is definitely about re-training your body, but it has to be done using a realistic balance between food and exercise.  You have to be able to enjoy your lifestyle choices so that you can maintain them without an artificial means for the rest of your life.

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