Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Chicken Sandwich Diet??

So my wife told me about a friend of hers that lost 50 pounds by eating only grilled Chicken Sandwiches.  First of all, more power to this unnamed person for losing the weight!  But beyond that, how on earth can she expect to maintain her new found weight that was the result of such a one-sided plan.

Not for nothing, but I think I would have reached a point where the mere mention of the word chicken would have caused me go to into vomiting spasms, way before that 50 pound mark... which is just one more reason not to get into a weight loss plan that is so limiting.

I know people are so desperate to lose weight, that most of them are willing to take on the most bizarre diets (I hate that word) in an attempt to drop pounds, but you have really have to look at the big picture and ask the question: "once I lose the weight, what is next?"

Believe me, losing the weight is only part of the challenge.  Keeping it off can be even harder as you can never really relax for too long or suddenly you are right back where you started.  Thus, you need to carefully choose a plan that is not too stressful, icky or limiting such that you an continue with it after you do lose the desired amount of weight.
There is a big myth, that once you lose the weight, you can stop the process and just maintain the weight. NOT! If you implement something to lose weight, it's that "thing" that makes the pounds go away.  Once that "thing" is taken away, the process goes into reverse.  Thus the choices you make for losing weight need to also take into account that you must continue them to maintain the weight loss.

I really can't see living on grilled chicken sandwiches as a long term weight management strategy...

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