Thursday, April 7, 2011

Charlotte Airport - 5 Terminals, 3 Miles, 1 Great Walk

As always, I make the most of any opportunity when it comes to walking off calories.  While most people complain about traversing from one end of an airport to the other, I revel in it.  So much so, that I routinely walk all the concourses of any given airport, just because I can.  Even if my connecting gate is next door, I go for the distance!

The Charlotte Airport is like a second home to me simply because I spend so much time there.  Thus, I make it a point (time providing) to walk all fiver terminals when passing through on a trip.  Using my pedometer as a reference, I have found that completely walking all 5 terminals takes (me) about 43 minutes and works out to 3 miles.  It's easier than you think and certainly a lot healthier than sitting around in a crowded impersonal gate area letting the pounds settle in around your mid-section.

This is an example of how I lost (and have maintained) 70 pounds.  No magic pills, expensive gyms, or bizarre diets, just basic sustainable practices.

BTW - I skip all moving sidewalks and escalators

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