Saturday, February 26, 2011

Orlando - Walking & Working

I'm in Orlando for a couple of days, working the Imprinted Sportswear Show, being held at the Orlando Convention Center (technically that is the Orange County Convention Center). Never being one to let excuses get in the way of walking, I took advantage of the everything that I could to get my daily allotment in. 

One opportunity was the wide open sidewalks surrounding the Convention Center. Plenty of space and nice views made it a pleasant early morning experience even with a fair degree of humidity in the air. Those same sidewalks interconnect with the ones running up and down International Drive and Universal Blvd, meaning easy access to most hotels.

I purposely selected a hotel within reasonable walking distance of the Show so I would be comfortable walking rather than taking a cab, car or bus over. Why ride when you can walk? And considering that it costs $13.00/day to park at the Convention Center and $0.00 for the hotel, there was an added benefit to the stroll.

In addition to the show, it was an easy walk to all of the area restaurants and clubs, thus choosing a strategically located hotel really does pay-off in more ways than one.
And then there was the show itself - actually three shows in one - which spanned the majority of the North Hall. I easily walked 5 miles each day just at the show, with my grand total running about 10 miles when you throw in everything else.
It just goes to show, that if you want the exercise you can find a way to make it happen. Or said another way, there really aren't too many good excuses not to burn calories, even when you are traveling and working.

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