Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jennifer Hudson's "Incredible?" Weight Loss

I usually pay no attention to Celebrity Weight Loss stories, as I find that a headline about a famous person losing weight (or attempting to) is usually more about publicity than helping others.  And too many times the so-called weight loss strategy is mired in bizarre methodology that is nearly impossible to implement and sustain by us mere mortals.  But with every story, if you get the true facts, you can learn something if you look beyond the paparazzi factor. 

Jennifer Hudson's story,which was covered on Oprah last week, is one that is worth paying attention to, if you are looking for a weight-loss strategy.  I must admit, I had pretty much tuned her out as she was on every channel 24/7 promoting Weight-Watchers.  Now I have nothing against her or Weight Watchers, but commercials for weight loss product have a tendency to imply that by eating their food or popping their pill, the pounds mysteriously fall off, which is simply not true. Quite simply, you need to burn more calories than you eat, and you need to do it in a healthy sustainable manner.  In Jennifer's case, she chose Weight Watchers as her methodology.  (Note - Weight Watchers is more than just food, its an entire program and I am not slamming their company or their products.  For the record, I don't use them and never have.)
Ok, so in the interview with Oprah, Jennifer provides enough details that you can get a much better understanding or her entire program, rather than just her celebrity endorsement of a product.  For that I give her high praise!  One of the things that really stood out to me was her focus on exercise - she knew it had to be fun.  I can't stress that enough, if its enjoyable you will do it religiously and be able to sustain the program forever.  If not - you will fail...  And of course she balanced that aspect (burning calories) against the other aspect (ingesting calories) to generate a net negative calorie consumption, which in turn yielded a positive reduction in pounds.
One potentially negative aspect of the interview or should I say the headlines is that her 80 pound loss is referred to as "incredible."  I disagree.  Having lost 70 pounds myself, I don't see anything incredible about it and I worry that big words like that might discourage others from starting on their own weight loss journey. 

Certainly it takes a while to burn off that much weight, but it can be done if you choose a program that helps you burn more calories than you consume (in a healthy manner) that you can sustain for the rest of your life.  Remember that whatever you do to lose weight will also have to be done to maintain that weight loss once you drop the unwanted pounds.

Weight loss is accomplished one pound at a time and it certainly does not come overnight. For me - eat slow (in small quantities) and walk fast (in large quantities)...

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