Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions - Don't Blow It!

Its a bright, sunny New Years Day here on the Carolina Coast.  Great opportunity to get out on the loop and burn off some of those extra Holiday calories.  Interestingly enough, but not totally surprising, there are a lot of other people with the same idea.  The loop is unusually busy, especially considering its the winter.  For sure, the weather has brought out a lot of the regulars, but there are a lot of newcomers as well, which is obvious.  I don't mean that offensively!  Its a good thing when people decide to take control of their weight management issues.

As I am making my 6 mile trek I take a closer look at those that have hit the pavement for the first time.  Most are enthusiastic, sporting big smiles and talking to others as they pass.  But I wonder how many will be out here tomorrow... or still walking next week or next month?  Sadly the statistics show that no more than 30% of those who try to lose weight will actually succeed at doing it.  Of the 30 or so new people that I counted during my 90 minutes of walking, it can reasonably be assumed that 20 of them won't be out here in March

Another statistic shows that the number one New Years Resolution is to lose weight.  Thus when you combine these two together you realize that a large portion of the population is going to be sadly disappointed with their results...

I say this over and over again - most people fail because they take on exercise and eating programs that they cannot sustain for the rest of their lives!!!!!!  A diet is a short term project, and in most cases an unhappy, stressful thing.  Weight loss is a long term focus that has no end, thus you must modify your eating so that you can still eat what you want and don't feel like you have given up something that you really didn't want to give up.

Exercise has to be constant - every day.  Thus you need ways to do this that are not unpleasant, difficult, or impossible to keep up with.  Thats why I chose walking.  I can do it anywhere, anytime and every step counts.

You can start today by taking the stairs instead of using escalators and elevators!  Park at the far end of the a parking lot instead of near the door.  Take the long route on foot instead of shortcuts.  You won't lose much weight initially, but you will get started down the right path, then everyday you can expand on what you did the day before.  Before you know it, you are spending more time in motion instead of sitting on your butt.

Stay away from gyms and fad diets - devise your own plan. Read my book to see exactly how I did it. Losing weight is not hard, changing your lifestyle is and that is the ultimate key to success. You can't do it overnight - it takes time to make the transformation and a lot of patience.  But putting it off doesn't accomplish a thing. 

Good luck with that New Years Resolution to lose weight and try not to blow it like 70% of your fellow citizens will.

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