Thursday, December 2, 2010

If No Pain = No Gain, I Must Be Superhuman!

Ok, so I got some new shoes since the last pair was killing my shins due to the soles being blown out.  I figured a 6 mile walk was just the thing to break them in... yeah right, well the only thing that really got a good dose of breaking was my feet - BLISTERS!

You just can't win!  From shin splints to over sized blisters, there always seems to be some kind of pain issue going on here.  But its still better than being fat! 

Blisters heal and shoes do get straightened out pretty quickly.  The real issue here is my lack of planning.  Its not like I don't go through this every 3-4 months when I have to replace my shoes, just this time I figured I would take a shortcut. Bad idea, especially when there is a fairly simple solution to this problem.

Ok, so what is the solution?  Sit on the couch and avoid exercise...NOT.  Prepare your feet for the onslaught by using Moleskin. Basically its a large area padded bandage, but what makes it so unique is that it will actually stick to your skin and survive the rigors of power walking without coming loose.  The trick is to figure out where to apply it BEFORE you get the blisters.  Its obvious afterwards, but then its too late.  This may take some painful experience to get it right.

So what if you already got the darn things, then what?  Again, sitting on the couch is not an option.  Don't look for excuses not to exercise, figure out solutions to keep on track.  You can apply Moleskin over an existing blister, but, it can be a real mess to remove it later, cause its going to pull all that loose skin with it. 

One trick I use for using Moleskin over a blister, is to first apply a small does of vaseline to the blister itself, so the Moleskin won't stick to it.  Works pretty well and keeps me on the go.  I've also been known to just forego the moleskin and go with a heavy dose of vaseline.  Kind of icky to tell you the truth, but I've gotten some decent results. 

If you are just starting out with casual walking, you probably aren't going to have a lot of painful blister issues initially.  Remember that I walk to the extreme at a very fast pace for extended distances, so don't start looking for a reason to avoid this simple exercise options. 

If you do have worries about getting blisters you might also consider Runners Lube, which is a product designed specifically for lubricating the skin to prevent blisters and chafing.  There is some good info about this subject at

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