Saturday, January 22, 2011

Great Walking Spot - Long Beach Harbor

Got up this morning and did 4.5 miles in the Long Beach Harbor area.  I think the official name is Shoreline Park, but what the heck, Long Beach Harbor works for me.  I happened to be staying at the Residence Inn Downtown, which is not really downtown, rather its across the harbor from downtown, over near the Queen Mary.  Just over the Queensway Bridge to be exact.  Thus, I first had to hike up to and over the bridge to get over to LB.  No problem, plenty of steps and sidewalks for the occasion and someone had seen fit to block off one lane of the bridge to vehicular traffic, which meant a super wide walking path without risk of getting flattened by one of the cargo trucks whizzing over to the port.

It was a perfect morning, though a bit hazy at 6:30am, with temperatures in the low 60's.  The views are awesome and makes the walk a great experience, even relaxing despite my pace.  I had a co-worker join me and we chatted rather than doing the music thing - something new for me.  We wandered around the harbor area and over to the actual beach where we stopped for a quick photo op.  Due to meeting schedules, we had to turn back and head to the hotel, rather than continuing down the beach.  But on past trips to the area, I have done the beach as well, which also has a nice sidewalk designed specifically for running, walking and biking.  (Walking in the sand is nice for a romantic sunset, but really sux when to comes to power-walking.)

By the way, if you are a CSI Miami fan, they do most of their filming in Long Beach, not Miami!

Another great walk and the place is high on my list of favorites!

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