Thursday, January 20, 2011

Airports Can Be Healthy!

One of the keys to losing weight is committing yourself to an exercise program that you can stick with forever and that fits your lifestyle.  Because travel is an important element of my life, walking is the ideal choice because it can be done anywhere, anytime.  Working out in gyms, for example, is a bad choice if you can't get there everyday.

So, I make use of every opportunity to get those daily steps taken care of.  Minimum goal per day is 10,000 which for me works out to about 5 miles.

Airports, as it turns out, typically provide an excellent venue for walking.  Most people complain about having to go long distances between gates - I prefer it.  The average passenger gets irate over a flight delay.  I relish the opportunity for more walking.

Yesterday I had more than my share of airport walking, as it was two city visits in one day - Atlanta and Long Beach.  First moment of calorie burn was the connection I had to make in Charlotte (see yesterdays post).  Long story short, I got in about 2.5 miles.  Then it was on to Atlanta.

Now the Atlanta airport is definitely one of my favorite walks, as it features an underground subway system between concourses, that provides the option of walking rather than riding the trains.  I arrived on Concourse D and immediately set out on foot to baggage claim, while 99% of everyone else took the train.  It was only about a mile and I move pretty quick.  Its a nice straight, well-lit walkway that is very conducive to walking fast.  Kind of boring, but effective.

It should be noted that between Concourse A and Concourse T there is an African Exhibit complete with art, photos and music.

After I completed my seminar presentation in Atlanta I headed back to the airport for my flight to Long Beach.  Again, I walked the subway route down to Concourse D and easily got in another mile.  My total was now at 4.5 miles from airports alone.  Combined with the other walking I got in during my Atlanta stop, I was up to 6 miles.  But not done yet....

The flight to Long Beach included a connection in Phoenix, where I put in yet another airport mile.  By the time I finally arrived at my Long Beach hotel, my total for the day was over 8 miles. 

Gotta love walking and traveling...

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